New Horizon for Orthobiologics


At the 20th Annual Spine, Orthopedic + Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference, attendees gathered to hear a presentation on a new horizon for orthobiologics. 

Rajiv Pandya, MD, Founder and President of the Atlanta Orthopedic Institute, shared his perspective on the topic and discussed his own experiences. The presentation covered the different aspects of orthobiologics, including the latest research, the most advanced treatments, and the potential for future growth. Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the topic.

Key Takeaways:


1: The importance of biologics and innovation in orthopedics to address unmet needs.

Dr. Pandya emphasizes the importance of using strategies such as biologics and ortho biologics for restoration and healing. These strategies are necessary to treat the micro and macro environment for successful results. Additionally, he shares examples of patients who had successful surgeries with this kind of technique.

2: The need to question standard practices and train to keep up with the dynamic field of medicine.

Dr. Pandya urges medical professionals to question standard practices and remain dynamic in the field as it evolves. He suggests leveraging current skills in medicine for maximum efficacy.

3: The use of precision and adaptability to address the ecosystem of patients.

Dr. Pandya emphasizes the importance of science, system, and the surgeon to maintain legitimacy while treating patients. He recommends practitioners use precision and adapt to the needs of patients. He refers to the PAUSE acronym, which considers precision, applicability, utility, cost, and safety when considering treatment options.

4: The use of biologics such as stem cells and fat injections to alleviate pain, improve bone on bone situations, and heal tissue.

Dr. Pandya shares his experience using biologic substances like PRP and fat during surgeries, injecting cells into the interarticular and subpro spaces, and treating bone marrow lesions with calcium phosphate injections. He consistently describes the remarkable success patients experienced after receiving these treatments.

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