• 20 innovations in spine to know | 2019

    The spine field is rapidly changing. Innovation in spinal surgery techniques, material, manufacturing and patient triage, have led to better patient outcomes. However, the next wave of disruptive technologies will need to prove clinical significance as well as cost effectiveness.
  • 20 spine imaging systems to know

    Here are 20 spine imaging systems to know.
  • 2018 Becker's Spine Review List Nominations

    Becker's Spine Review will develop several key lists in 2018.
  • 50 spine surgeon predictions for 2018

    Here are 50 spine surgeon predictions for 2018.
  • 30 minimally invasive spine devices to know | 2017

     Minimally invasive spine surgery is becoming more common as technological advancements in surgical procedures and pain management make less invasive surgery safer and more effective than traditional open procedures.
  • 23 cutting-edge spine surgery devices to know | 2017

    Spine technology continues to evolve at a fast pace. Significant development focused on less disruptive procedures allows surgeons to perform a quicker, safer and less costly procedure than ever before. Technology designed to improve procedure accuracy, preserve the patient's natural anatomy and promote faster healing are represented on this list.
  • 37 orthopedic and spine device companies to know

    Here are 37 orthopedic and spine device companies to know.
  • 341 spine surgeons to know — 2017

    Here are 341 spine surgeons to know.
  • 36 woman physician leaders to know

    As of September 2016, 34 percent of the physicians in the United States were female, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, and only a percentage of those physicians hold leadership positions.

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