Dr. Kevin Pauza unsurprised with Tiger Woods' slow back surgery recovery: 5 insights


Kevin Pauza, MD, of Pauza Disc Treatment Center in Tyler, Texas, isn't optimistic about Tiger Woods' back surgery recovery.

Here are five insights:


1. Dr. Pauza said disectomies don't necessarily solve low back pain's underlying problem.


2. He researches the re-growing of bulged, herniated and degenerated discs, and said disc tears should be healed and sealed, not routinely cut.


3. Dr. Pauza notes some spine surgeons still believe pinched nerves alone cause pain, but the pain is often caused by leaky disc and nerve inflammation.


4. The leaked substance causes disc inflammation, which results in low back pain. Dr. Pauza therefore asserts surgery may not relieve the pain.


5. Instead of further damaging discs with scalpels and laser procedures, Dr. Pauza said surgeons should focus on re-growing the degenerated disc.


"The number of Americans undergoing back surgery without obtaining relief increased exponentially last year," said Dr. Pauza. "As Tiger Woods doesn't seem to be showing improvement…this problem shouldn't be ignored, and surgery that's 'par for the course' needs to be reconsidered."


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