The interesting way MUSC neurosurgery is trying to prolong medical careers


The neurological department of the Medical University of South Carolina implemented a voluntary pilot program to promote wellness among its staff, according to the Post and Courier.

Here are seven things to know:


1. Almost all of the 21 residents and faculty members will receive baseline tests including resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition analysis, body weight, dry lean mass, body fat index and basal metabolic rate among others this summer.


2. The program, running through June 2016, will log at least 10,000 steps each day and progress to more intense regiments and lectures on topics such as nutrition, sleep and hygiene. Additionally, the program will host participation in a team sport activity on Thursday afternoons.


3. A recent study conducted by Medscape Physician Lifestyle Report discovered after surveying more than 200,000 physicians, 46 percent experience emotional exhaustion as well as a lack of accomplishment.


4. Risk factors for physicians who experience burnout include excessive workload, lack of sleep and "frontline" exposure to patients such as in those who work in primary care or emergency departments.


5. The program's aim is to minimize if not completely diminish these side-affects through its emphasis on physician health and effect on practicing medicine and lengthening careers.


6. Alejandro Spiotta, MD, stated the program may be considered radical in the field, but it is pertinent to ensuring a long career.


7. Many faculty members are applauding the effort and are partaking in the program in an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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