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Since its launch in 2008, Eminent Spine has evolved significantly— having started as a polyetheretherketone (PEEK) interbody spinal fusion devices company that shifted focus to pedicle screws and now specializes in 3D titanium printing technology.

Today, steeped in the biomechanics of implants, high-quality biomaterials and the manufacturing of a complete portfolio of spinal implants and instrumentation, this innovative supplier based in Plano, Texas is leading the way in 3D-printed titanium cage systems that truly mimic cancellous bone.

Becker’s Spine Review recently spoke with Stephen Courtney, MD, president of Eminent Spine, about how the company’s evolution in materials, delivery systems and manufacturing is making surgeons’ work easier, while improving health outcomes for patients. Dr. Courtney also described what spine surgeons can look forward to from Eminent Spine in the coming years.

Q: How are Eminent Spine’s products distinct? How do these features contribute to success in spinal surgeries and patient health overall?

SC: Eminent Spine’s approach is based on maximizing ease and simplicity for the surgeon in the operating room. We design and manufacture implants with features that are already dialed in, such as implants that are designed to fit the human anatomy and that minimize the need for using different screwdrivers, so no additional steps are needed other than placing the implant.

For the surgeon, this saves time and reduces infection rates, while for the patient it results in a better delivery system that ensures solid fusion and better outcomes.

For example, a patient may need a small, medium or large cervical cage. Although the surgeon would have a reasonable idea of what implant or pedicle screw they’re probably going to use on that patient, they won’t know for sure until they make an incision. In our push for simplicity, we provide a large array of different implants and different footprints for the surgeons to choose from to best fit each patient’s anatomy. These different footprints provide surgeons with options and flexibility, which makes their lives easier and makes a difference for patients.

Another feature that Eminent Spine is known for is instrumentation. You can have a great implant, but you need the right instrumentation to insert that implant in a safe manner.

Q: What additional benefits do Eminent Spine’s products offer to surgeons and their practices?

SC: Eminent Spine thinks about and provides “systems.” For example, this includes a lumbar interbody fusion system and a scoliosis system.

In addition, we have a policy that if a surgeon has a need for a specific customized part, such as an implant inserter, we can design and manufacture it for them in less than four weeks. Surgeons can also reach out to us if they want to get involved in designing a customized delivery system for the type of procedures they perform. Designing a system is about keeping instruments down to a minimum while maximizing that one instrument that doctors have in their hand, so they can be more efficient in the OR.

Q: Looking ahead to the next year or two, what product lines or developments are you most excited about?

SC: Over the years, Eminent Spine has modified its delivery systems, metals, presentations and more. We will continue to innovate. I’m really excited about the 3D platform we have for lumbar standalone service, which we have dialed in extremely well with our prep sets and our different footprints.

The other thing I’m excited about is a new scoliosis system we’re developing, which should be launched in about six months.

What won’t change is Eminent Spine’s emphasis on systems, on having a wide assortment of footprints and on making implants that are reliable while keeping it simple.


Forged in solid biomechanics and the best-known biomaterials, Eminent Spine has emerged as an industry leader in the evolution of spinal implants and instrumentation. The company was founded in 2008 and has since undergone full transformation, including rebranding, administration changes, and new FDA clearances. Our focus is to anticipate and adjust to the needs of the industry in order to produce and provide innovative solutions.

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