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Many CEOs have coaches, as well as all professional athletes, so why isn't it common for medical professionals to be coached as well? Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Bright, USMC (Ret.), a certified professional Coach and founder of On Target Leading, suggests that medical professionals can work with a coach at some point in their career to increase energy levels and live for their true passion, and learn to lead others successfully, which in turn can lead to better results in the operating room, in their personal and professional finances and in their relationships. "Most people go through life and let things happen to them," says Coach Bright, who is currently coaching ophthalmologists and dentists. "If you have an issue at home, you can't just turn a switch and forget about that issue when you leave home in the morning, put your life in a box and go to work to be a great administrator or physician.  The idea is to remember we are but one person, our personal and professional lives depend on each other so having them both operating at high levels of energy really sets you up for success."

Coach Bright discusses the ways medical professionals utilize coaching to start living the lives they desire in both the personal and professional setting.

1. Asking the right questions. According to Coach Bright, coaching is not a niche market. Medical professionals are people and they have lives that consist of more than just practicing medicine. Therefore, Coach Bright focuses on asking the right questions in order to steer his clients in the direction of the lives they want to lead.

"In most cases, they have the answers they need but they don't have the questions," says Coach Bright. "I try to coach them by asking the right questions. For example: If you were living life exactly as you wish, how would that look?"

2. Boosting energy levels. When one approaches life at a positive level of energy, the idea of success is easier to attain; this could mean anything from earning more money to strengthening relationships to having time work for you. Coaches begin by understanding the client's agenda. From there, the client is ultimately coached towards fulfillment in part by increasing energy levels. "We work toward shifting the negative energy northward to more positive energy," says Coach Bright. "Most solutions are found where the energy is high!"

3. Finding motivation. For someone who has little motivation, Coach Bright uses a method of locating and understanding what the professional is really passionate about in life. When people are doing what they love in life, they are most likely unhappy. Therefore, Coach Bright assists through coaching by helping to allocate more time towards doing what they are passionate about. "I always try to put some sort of urgency on life," says Coach Bright. "You can choose to do nothing or take advantage of it."

4. Setting goals. Coach Bright considers himself an accountability partner when it comes to his clients reaching their goals, or SMART goals as he calls them. SMART goals are characterized as specific, measurable, actionable, reasonable and time-oriented. "It's good to have someone you can go to who can help you accomplish the goals in your life, personal and professional," says Coach Bright. "Once my clients set their goals, we are aggressive towards accomplishing those goals in a timely manner."

5. Finding personal happiness. Whatever professionals are facing in their personal lives will have an effect on their work if that is what he is thinking about at the time. Through coaching, professionals are able to confront what they really want out of life. "If I can help them relieve that decision and help them take action, their work will become stronger because that decision will be off their plate," says Coach Bright. "They will move forward and do things well at work."

Coach Bright encourages medical professionals to entertain the idea of working with a coach to create an effective personal system for thriving in our ever-changing world, while also securing all you have worked for in life. In order to accomplish this, you will first need to become an ideal leader and that is where having a Coach really helps.

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