Who 18 orthopedic, spine surgeons pick to win the Super Bowl


Super Bowl LV is set for Feb. 7 in Tampa Bay, Fla., between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.

It will be a battle between one of the winningest quarterbacks in history, Tom Brady of the Buccaneers, and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a rising superstar and defending champion.

Eighteen orthopedic surgeons share their prediction for the Super Bowl winner.

Michael Ast, MD. Hospital for Special Surgery (New York City): I think the Chiefs will win because their offense is just too explosive and creative to contain.

Greg Pomeroy, MD. St. Mary's Health System (Lewiston, Maine): Tampa Bay because of Tom Brady.

Edward Wang, MD. Stony Brook (N.Y.) Medicine: My guess is Kansas City. I think a 43-year-old quarterback winning is an aberration. Eventually, events regress to the mean. On average, the team with the most talent will win. The team with a 25-year-old superstar should beat the one with the 43 year old. But I am not putting money on this.

Stephen Hochschuler, MD. Texas Back Institute (Plano): I pick Tampa based on good coaching but primarily Tom Brady's leadership. He is not only a great athlete with continued fire in his belly but a work ethic and determination rarely seen. This has rubbed off on all members of his team.

Jocelyn Idema, DO. Steel City Spine Orthopedic Center (Pittsburgh): Kansas City, because I’d like someone other than Tom Brady.

Matthew Kraay, MD. Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland): Great leaders possess a certain degree of maturity and experience that frequently triumphs over others who may have youth, energy and enthusiasm on their side, but a lesser degree of 'reps' and real life experience. No one exemplifies the former more than Tom Brady, standing tall in the pocket, methodically selecting his next target and throwing a perfect strike, too. The win goes to Tampa Bay!

Michael Bolognesi, MD. Duke Health (Durham, N.C.): I think it will be Brady and the Bucs. It may not be what Vegas is calling for, but I think Brady will perform and that the Bucs' interior defensive line will be disruptive enough to throw off the Chiefs' offensive production.

Karim Sabeh, MD. Newton (Mass.) Wellesley Orthopedic Associates: I am rooting for the Buccaneers. I am a huge Tampa Bay fan, and it’s impressive what he’s been able to accomplish this year bringing Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl after his departure from the Patriots. Everyone criticized him, but he rose to the occasion and beat all the odds.

Ronald Lehman Jr., MD. NewYork-Presbyterian/The Allen Hospital (New York City): All things point to the Chiefs winning:

1. They are favored by 3.5 points, and Las Vegas is rarely wrong.

2. They have the most powerful skill players on offense.

3. They have been there before.

The biggest reason they may not win is because their offensive line has now been decimated by injuries and COVID-19. If they have any more players even go on the COVID-19 contact list, they have to quarantine for five days and miss the Super Bowl.

I personally want Tom Brady to win, just because it's never been done before. Tampa Bay's chemistry is not quite as good as the Chiefs, but the wider receiver and quarterback are very good, and their defense has played much better as of late.

Vu Le, MD. NewportCare (Newport Beach, Calif.): Tampa Bay. …Don't bet against Tom Brady.

Brandon Hirsch, MD. The CORE Institute (Mesa, Ariz.): While it's tough to bet against Tom Brady, I think the defending champ Chiefs are going to take this one. The Bucs have plenty of offensive weapons and a solid defense, but the Chiefs offense seems to put up points at will and have been doing so for several years now. I expect a very close game.

Thomas Obermeyer, MD. Barrington Orthopedic Specialists (Schaumberg, Ill.): I would say Tampa Bay because Tom Brady. He’s healthy and knows how to win.

Abilio Reis, MD. OrthoVirginia (Mechanicsville, Va.): Tampa Bay because of Tom Brady.

Jason Huang, MD. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Temple (Texas): It will be a close game, and I think the Buccaneers will prevail. Despite all the praises for Patrick Mahomes and the defending champion Kansas City, I very much enjoyed watching Tampa Bay getting better and better with each game they played. This Super Bowl will also be an epic battle of two greatest quarterbacks of all time. In the end, Tom Brady's experience will trump Mahomes' youth and energy

Kenneth Nwosu, MD. Spine Surgeon (Burien, Wash.): As a huge fan of several athletically gifted Kansas City Chiefs including Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyrone Mathieu, I would like to see the Chiefs take the trophy home. However, history has taught me, when it matters most, experience prevails over pure talent. With that said, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win the Super Bowl.

Why? First and foremost, they have Tom Brady, the greatest of all time. They also have a great supporting cast that includes a strong running game and a phenomenal defense. I foresee the Chiefs getting off to a slow start and being laissez faire with the expectation that they would 'flip the switch' and take the lead in the last seconds of the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, this would prove difficult because of injuries and off-the-field distractions. Moreover, Tom Brady has seen this too many times. He will manage the game exceptionally well and close it out with a win!

Tom Noonan, MD. UC Health Steadman Hawkins Clinic (Englewood, Colo.): I'm going with the Chiefs. I certainly admire and respect all that Tom Brady has done over the years but can't pick against Patrick Mahomes!

William Krywicki, MD. Sports Medicine Bone and Joint (Plaines, Pa.): Tampa Bay by three points. I believe their defensive line could be the difference. They have to contain Patrick Mahomes in the pocket and continue sacks, as they did in the first two games.

Harry Skinner, MD. Orthopedic surgeon (California): I am rooting for the Bucs, but I think the Chiefs are too consistently good, so I expect them to win.

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