6 new trends in orthopedic technology

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From the growth of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic to the ever improving medical technology paving the way, physicians are always looking for new ways to adapt to best serve their patients. 

Here are six technologies in the world of orthopedics that are picking up speed, according to MedTech Outlook

1. Online-based orthopedics visits 

During the pandemic, patients learned they did not have to leave their own homes to receive quality medical care, and virtual care remains a popular option Physicians can now provide physical therapy and rehabilitation through the internet, using telehealth platforms to best support patient needs. 

2. Digital tools 

Advancing digital tools have the power to modernize healthcare across the country. Now, orthopedic physicians can use tools like digital X-rays, which bring results to patients in minutes. While X-rays used to be time consuming and expensive, the process can now be streamlined.

3. Enhanced imaging technology 

Virtual and augmented reality is being used in operating rooms for more precise surgeries and can be used to train medical students outside of the operating room. 

4. Medical monitoring systems 

Many patients now use wearable health trackers, like smart watches and bands, that collect information such as heart rate and activity levels.  Orthopedic physicians can use wearable monitoring data to better understand their patients' health needs. 

5. 3D printing 

Orthopedic devices can be expensive and timely to make and produce. However, with the invention of 3D printing, there are new ways to create devices in a much more cost effective manner. Physicians can even use 3D printing to make these health devices onsite.

6. Advancing nonsurgical orthopedic treatment 

There are new ways to treat chronic orthopedic conditions in non-invasive, nonsurgical manners. Plasma injections and stem cell therapy can provide patients relief without requiring surgery.  

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