Finally, a single-use, sterile packed ACDF kit simplified for OR efficiency, introducing the Zavation STERICERV Cervical Instruments Kit

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Operating room efficiency and cost reduction is a focus area for streamlining hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. The advent of single-use, disposable instruments and sterile packed procedural kits for orthopedic implants dramatically reduces instrument inventory, lost and out of calibration instruments, and lifecycle costs. They also curb surgical site infection and ensure accurate precision instruments and implants with every procedure.

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What is the STERICERV™ Single-Use, Sterile Packed Cervical Instruments Kit
STERICERV™ is a single-use, sterile packed cervical instruments kit used in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures. STERICERV™ is offered in two different kits, the STERICERV™ ACP (Anterior Cervical Plate) Kit and STERICERV™ ACC (Anterior Cervical Cage) Kit. The STERICERV™ ACP Kit consists of robust and ergonomic surgical instruments to assist in the implantation of cervical plates and cervical screws for every procedure. The STERICERV™ ACC Kit consists of precision instruments that guarantee perfect implant fixation for every procedure.


Why use the STERICERV™ Cervical Instruments Kit over reusable instruments
Reusable instruments come with the ongoing cost of cleaning and sterilizing. Staff time, equipment maintenance and utility consumption are just some of the costs associated with decontamination and sterilization.


Reusable equipment must be cleaned as soon as possible, so daily or weekly collection and delivery services need to be arranged, adding to costs and the environmental impact when considering the energy, chemicals and detergents used in the process. In comparison, STERICERV™ Single-Use, Sterile Packed Cervical Instruments Kit can be disposed of with other clinical waste.


STERICERV™ Single-Use, Sterile Packed Cervical Instruments Kit are also much more practical for visiting doctors and nurses in that they do not need to be stored and taken back to a medical facility for sterilization processing but can instead be safely disposed of immediately in a sharp bin.


Even if the difference in cost between single or multi-use instruments is negligible, you will need to take into account the health benefits of using single-use, sterile packed disposable instruments.


What are the benefits of the STERICERV™ Cervical Instruments Kit
The benefits of using STERICERV™ Single-Use, Sterile Packed Cervical Instruments Kit speak for themselves. The benefits include: instruments are presented ready to use sterile packed kit; patient safety increased as surgeons have full confidence in precision instruments accuracy; reduction in surgical site infection; minimal inventory footprint with easy to stock, off the shelf kits for every procedure; operating room efficiency and utilization improvements; general reduction in hospital and ASC operations and maintenance costs.


STERICERV™ Single-Use, Sterile Packed Cervical Instruments Kit offers savings over reusable instruments procedures. Savings are derived from increased hospital and ASC operating efficiency, elimination of instrument cleaning and handling, energy use, chemicals and waste water, and fuel and transportation costs to rework, fix, and calibrate reusableinstruments and devices.


Moreover, the STERICERV™ Single-Use, Sterile Packed Cervical Instruments Kit eliminates a nagging industry pain. Instrumentation for spinal cases is either hospital owned or OEM loaners. Loaned or consigned inventory stock can be hard to manage and can have some hidden risks, including product availability, sterility, and wear on reusable instruments.


Use of the STERICERV™ Single-Use, Sterile Packed Cervical Instruments Kit provides the ultimate solution by pairing implants with customized disposable instrument kits. They offer convenient, sterile, and robust solutions for surgeons and O.R. personnel while hospitals and ASCs enjoy sustained cost savings, operational efficiencies, smaller carbon footprints, improved inventory, reduced surgical site infections, and lower operating costs.


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