Breakthrough in spine surgery: 2,000th level implantation of PathLoc-TM, PLIF/TLIF Expandable Cage


In a recent press release, L&K Spine Inc. was proud to announce the successful completion of the 2,000th level implantation of the Expandable Cage, a state-of-the-art spinal implant technology.

The Expandable Cage, distributed by L&K Spine, has been instrumental in transforming spine surgery by offering a customizable and adaptable solution for patients suffering from spinal disease. Surgeons across the country have hailed its innovative design, which allows for real-time adjustment during the procedure, ensuring optimal fir and support for the patient’s spine.

“We are thrilled to have reached this significant milestone of 2,000th level implantations of the Expandable Cage,” said Alex Kang, CEO of L&K Spine. “The Expandable Cage has truly reshaped the landscape of spine surgery, empowering healthcare providers to deliver personalized care and achieve exceptional patient outcomes.”

Remarkably, there has not been a single failure up to the 2,000th level implantation, and the number of implantations is growing rapidly. This achievement underscores the ongoing progress in spine surgery and exemplifies L&K Spine’s unwavering dedication to providing innovative medical solutions to healthcare professionals and patients.

As L&K Spine, commemorates the 2,000th level implantation of the Expandable Cage, the company remains committed to advancing spinal care and ensuring that patients have access to the latest treatment options.

For more information about the Expandable Cage and L&K Spine’s comprehensive line of spinal implants, please visit:

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