CrossFit, the good and the bad: 6 notes on the workout

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CrossFit utilizes intense, full-body interval workouts, and has been rapidly rising in popularity, creating a diehard fanbase and devoted followers.

After 60 Minutes featured CrossFit on Sunday, Dan Diamond at Forbes published "What 60 Minutes Didn't Say," providing pros and cons of the workout, and if it is actually good for your body.


Here are six notes from the article:


1. There are benefits of CrossFit-style workouts and they can be powerful and rewarding, said Mr. Diamond, but not everything about the program is positive.


2. CrossFit offers a lifestyle and culture in addition to a workout, but promotes a Paleo Diet which can be restrictive and evidence shows the diet does not prevent or avoid heart disease. The Paleo diet was tied with the Dukan diet as the worst on U.S. News & World Report's meta-review of 35 diets.


3. Some health criticisms of CrossFit include its injury risk as well as criticisms regarding their trainers and staff, citing its unclear how many trainers participated in only a one weekend course.


4. A Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research article reports three-quarters of CrossFit athletes surveyed reported injury during CrossFit, mostly relating to the spine and shoulders, reported Vox as cited in Forbes.


5. Researchers from Ohio State are facing a False Claims Act lawsuit brought by CrossFit's owner, who is claiming a study fasely reported nine subjects dropped out of the study due to "overuse or injury," reported Refraction Watch as cited in Forbes.


6. The health benefits of intense workouts are not yet clear.


"I think maxing out to the point of exhaustion, for a lot of these exercises may not be the best thing," Joseph Powers, MD, of the American Sports Medicine Institute told ESPN regarding CrossFit exercises (also referenced in Forbes).


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