ReHab Pack can make a difference for hip, knee patient recovery

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Synergy Pack launched the ReHab Pack, a tool for at-home rehabilitation designed to improve outcomes with less in-clinic time, ultimately improving health system margins.

The ReHab Pack ships directly to the patient and includes information and tools for rehabilitation after knee and hip procedures. In the future, the ReHab Pack will include ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and spine options as well. Here, Beth Park, PT, DPT, a developer and consultant to SynergyPack, discusses the ReHab Pack's potential effect on the healthcare system in the future.

Question: What advantages does the ReHabPack provide for patients? What are the advantages for providers?

Beth Park: RehabPack is a one-stop solution for everything a patient needs to complete their physical therapy rehab program at home. Instead of spending time searching the internet for a product of unknown quality or finding a makeshift substitute around their home, with RehabPack patients have the same high-quality products they are using with their physical therapist. Patients that perform their exercise programs at home get better faster and have better outcomes.

For providers, RehabPack just makes life easier. Instead of tailoring your program to what equipment a patient has access to either at home or at a gym, with RehabPack you know exactly what your patient has, and you can teach them how to use it most effectively for their individual injury.

Q: How was the RehabPack designed? How can surgeons ensure their patients get what they individually need?

BP: RehabPack is a specially curated group of commonly used rehab tools in outpatient physical therapy. These are items that, on a daily basis, I was suggesting patients buy online for home use. We started with a big list of commonly use items and then slowly narrowed it down to the most unique items that will give people the best of everything they need for their recovery. We brought in and tested all the items to be sure they were the highest quality and finally we got everything to fit into the box. When I was approached about RehabPack, I was sold upon first hearing the idea. It maximizes efficiency and is a win for the patient, the therapist and the surgeon or medical provider. The best way to recover from injury or surgery is to have the right tools to approach your recovery. RehabPack is the only one-stop solution for rehab tools in the marketplace.

Surgeons can ensure that patients are getting what they need. In today's orthopedic surgery world most surgeons have their own protocols that they want their patients and therapists to follow. RehabPack is meant to complement physical therapy. We do not provide any specific instructions for patients to follow. The prescription of exercises with RehabPack tools is completely up to the individual surgeon and/or their physical therapy team.

Q: Where do you see the best opportunity for the RehabPack to make a difference in the healthcare delivery process? Beyond the clinical impact, what is the potential economic impact?

BP: In the world of orthopedics, early mobilization is key. From total knee replacement to ACL reconstruction, the consensus is the sooner the patients are up and walking and working on range of motion and strength, the better the surgical outcome. From a healthcare delivery standpoint, RehabPack creates a seamless transition from surgery to mobilization. Patients either have their RehabPack delivered to their home or picked up at their doctor's office before surgery. With a little instruction, the patient is on their way to feeling better with all the tools they need at home.

Economically speaking in today's healthcare market, the faster a patient recovers, the fewer the healthcare services they utilize, the more money is saved. With RehabPack the patient is able to do their full home exercise program, which decreases the therapy services they require. The early mobilization that RehabPack [encourages] also has the potential to improve outcomes and get patients back to their regular activities faster. Patients who are healthy and mobile cost far less to care for than those who are not.

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