AAOS recognizes 106 surgeons with 2018 Achievement Award winners

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The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons honored 33 surgeons with the 2018 Senior Achievement Award Winners and 73 surgeons with the 2018 Achievement Award Winners.

The Senior Achievement level requires 30 credits, which encompasses at least 10 years of volunteer service in the orthopedic surgery profession. Credit categories include teaching, publications and research, and service and advocacy. Winners include:

1. Michael T. Archdeacon, MD

2. Frederick M. Azar, MD

3. Eric M. Bluman, MD, PhD

4. Joseph A. Bosco III MD

5. John J. Callaghan, MD

6. Henry D. Clarke, MD

7. Ronald Emilio Delanois, MD

8. Gregory Della Rocca, MD

9. David M. Dines, MD

10. Matthew Barrett Dobbs, MD

11. Howard R. Epps, MD

12. Christopher H. Evans, PhD

13. Jeffrey S. Fischgrund, MD

14. Richard J. Friedman, MD

15. Leesa M. Galatz, MD

16. Theodore J. Ganley, MD

17. Kevin L. Garvin, MD

18. Mitchel B. Harris, MD

19. Martin Joseph Herman, MD

20. William A. Jiranek, MD

21. Guido Marra, MD

22. Joel Mayerson, MD

23. James J. McCarthy, MD

24. Carol D. Morris, MD, MS

25. Mary I. O'Connor, MD

26. Christopher L. Peters, MD

27. Thomas P. Sculco, MD

28. Kevin G Shea, MD

29. Robert T. Trousdale, MD

30. Eeric Truumees, MD

31. Stephen C. Weber, MD

32. Gerald R. Williams Jr., MD

33. Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD

The Achievement Award requires 10 credits. Winners include:

34. Michael S. Aronow, MD

35. Charles J. Banta II, MD

36. Robert H. Bell, MD

37. Robert Shay Bess, MD

38. Richard E. Bowen, MD

39. Travis C. Burns, MD

40. Michael T. Busch, MD

41. Louis W. Catalano III, MD

42. Manuel F. DaSilva, MD

43. Marlene DeMaio, MD

44. Andrew A. Freiberg, MD

45. David L. Glaser, MD

46. Mark Glazebrook, MD

47. Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MD

48. Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD

49. Carlos Guanche, MD

50. Steven B. Haas, MD

51. Brian R. Hamlin, MD

52. Samer S. Hasan, MD, PhD

53. Syed Ashfaq Hasan, MD

54. Michael R. Hausman, MD

55. Jose A. Herrera Soto, MD

56. Dolfi Herscovici Jr., DO

57. Paul M. Huddleston, MD

58. Thomas B. Hughes Jr., MD

59. Mark R. Hutchinson, MD

60. Joshua E. Hyman, MD

61. Stephen T. Imrie, MD

62. Stephen J. Incavo, MD

63. David Joseph Jacofsky, MD

64. Kay Kirkpatrick, MD

65. Joon Yung Lee, MD

66. Martha K. Lenhart, MD, PhD

67. Bruce A. Levy, MD

68. Scott J. Luhmann, MD

69. ChunBong Benjamin Ma, MD

70. Ormonde M. Mahoney, MD

71. Randall Evan Marcus, MD

72. David F. Martin, MD

73. John J. McGraw, MD

74. Menachem M. Meller, MD

75. Michael Meneghini, MD

76. Thomas Edward Mroz, MD

77. Thomas F. Murray Jr. MD

78. Sumon Nandi, MD

79. Kevin M. Neal, MD

80. Daniel Atherton Oakes, MD

81. Patrick M. Osborn, MD

82. Mark A. Palumbo, MD

83. Michael J. Patzakis, MD

84. Laura Phieffer, MD

85. Kornelis Andries Poelstra, MD

86. John D. Polousky, MD

87. Steven I. Rabin, MD

88. Karl E. Rathjen, MD

89. Peter C. Rhee, MD

90. Christopher James Roach, MD

91. Karl C. Roberts, MD

92. Rachel S. Rohde, MD

93. Thomas G. Sampson, MD

94. George T. Shybut, MD

95. Klaus Siebenrock, MD

96. Robert R. Slater Jr., MD

97. John K. Sontich, MD

98. Julie A. Switzer, MD

99. Ruth Lourdes Thomas, MD

100. David B. Thordarson, MD

101. Marc Evan Umlas, MD

102. Klane K. White, MD

103. Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD

104. Brian R. Wolf, MD

105. Elizabeth M. Yu, MD

106. Robert D. Zura, MD

Here is more information on the AAOS Achievement Awards.


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