100 Orthopedic and Spine Physician Leaders to Know

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Here are 100 orthopedic and spine physician leaders to know. The physicians on this list were selected for their leadership positions within professional societies, management positions at surgery centers and hospitals and their important contributions to the field of orthopedic and spine surgery. This list is not an endorsement of the physicians selected for inclusion.

Todd J. Albert, MD, of Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. Dr. Albert, president of Rothman Institute, is a clear leader in his field. He also serves as the James Edwards professor and chair of the orthopedic surgery department at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

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Gary Alegre, MD, of Alpine Orthopaedic Group in St. Stockton, Calif. After performing over 200 minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures in the past few years, Dr. Alegre instructs experienced physicians around the world on minimally invasive spinal fusion techniques. Most recently, two physicians from Australia traveled to view and learn from Dr. Alegre.

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David Altchek, MD, of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.
Dr. Altchek is attending orthopedic surgeon and co-chief in the sports medicine and shoulder service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, has pioneered sports medicine while treating top professional athletes from around the country. He started his career early — when he was 10 years old — by following his orthopedic surgeon father during Saturday morning rounds, according to a story published in the Times Herald-Record.

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Neel Anand, MD, of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Anand is the director of orthopedic spine surgery at Cedars-Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He was previously the director of minimally invasive spinal surgery and director of spine trauma at Cedars-Sinai. Dr. Anand has been a pioneer of minimally invasive spine procedures that treat spinal curvature in adults. He was among the first physician to perform a combination of procedures to correct adult lumbar degenerative scoliosis.

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James Andrews, MD, of the Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Ala. Dr. Andrews is the founder of Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Ala. He is also an orthopedic consultant for the Washington Redskins professional football team and medical director for the Tampa Bay Rays professional baseball team.

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Michelle Andrews, MD, of Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center.
Dr. Andrews is an orthopedic surgeon with the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center and has an expertise in sports medicine. She has served on the Board of Trustees for the Women's Sports Foundation and the Women's Basketball Coaches Foundation. She was also invited to the White House by former president Bill Clinton to be honored for her work with the Women's Sports Foundation.

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Vincent Arlet, MD, of the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville. Dr. Arlet has a special interest in treating patients with scoliosis. He recently treated a patient using a new database he created, Scolisoft, to show clinical pictures of different types of spine curvatures. Scolisoft is the largest international, online, spinal deformity database and the only database carrying clinical photographs of surgical patients taken before and after surgery.

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H. Brent Bamberger, DO, of Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio.
Dr. Bamberger was recently named president of the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics. He has published several articles on elbow reconstruction and holds surgical instruments patents. He has a professional interest in progressive surgical techniques and is a founding member of Athletic Workshop, a group promoting better training for athletes.

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Edward Benzel, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic Spine Institute. As chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Spine Institute and vice president of the department of neurosurgery, Dr. Benzel seems happy to share his wisdom on back problems. In an interview with WebMD on the prevalence of back pain, he said patients should consult a staggered line of defense when confronted with back problems: first, the primary care physician, then an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon.

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Stacey Berner, MD, of Northwestern Hospital in Randallstown, Md. Dr. Berner used the Da Vinci Surgical System to repair the nerves on a 20-year-old man who put his hand through glass while on vacation. By the time he arrived for surgery, one of the man's nerves had been severed, and he had large amounts of scar tissue.

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Daniel J. Berry, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He has earned awards for his clinical research from the Hip Society, the Knee Society, AAHKS and the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation. His primary area of research is biomechanics and motion analysis. Most recently, his articles have focused on hip and knee arthroplasty, including failed metal-on-metal hip arthroplasties.

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Thomas Best, MD, of OSU Sports Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Best is the co-director of OSU Sports Medicine where his clinical interests include muscle and tendon injuries, osteoarthritis and concussions. He is the current president of the American College of Sports Medicine, which is partnering with several other organizations to form Professionals Against Doping in Sports, a group encouraging commitment among athletes and physicians to drug-free sports.

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John Bergfeld, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Bergfeld is recognized nationwide as a leader in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. Dr. Bergfeld served as team physician for the Cleveland Browns football team from 1976-2003 and the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1982-2003 and currently serves as a consultant surgeon for both teams.

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Sigurd H. Berven, MD, of the University of California in San Francisco. The field of pediatric scoliosis and spinal disorders has been rapidly expanding with the development of new body braces, the Scoliscore scoliosis detection test and legislation in several states calling for schoolchildren to receive scoliosis screening. As an expert in the field, Dr. Berven recently shared his expertise on the subject with the New York Times.

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Todd C. Bonvallet, MD, of The Spine Center in Chattanooga, Tenn.
Dr. Bonvallet will review and adjust the quality, availability, safety and appropriateness of the program's medical services. With a growing national emphasis on quality measures and standards of care, Dr. Bonvallet will be responsible for conducting chart and case reviews to ensure compliance with national standards.

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Stephen Burkhart, MD, of The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. Dr. Burkhart is a leader in shoulder surgery and recently gave the Kessel Lecture at the International Congress on Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland. The lecture, "Expanding the Frontiers of Shoulder Surgery," examined the role of technology for treating shoulder conditions.

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Charles Bush-Joseph, MD, of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. Dr. Bush-Joseph is a respected educator and scholar and sits on the editorial board of several national orthopedic journals, including the American Journal of Sports Medicine. He has been a member of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine Examination Committee since 2005 and has helped to formulate the board exam for orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians.

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John J. Callaghan, MD, of the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics in Iowa City. Dr. Callaghan, current president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, has his work cut out for him. Under his leadership in 2010, the AAOS plans to enhance all aspects of patient care, initiate new working relationships with other orthopedic organizations and track success rates for procedures and devices to help improve standard of care.

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Christofer Catterson, MD, of Haywood Sports Medicine in Clyde, N.C. As the team physician for Tuscola High School, Franklin High School and Haywood Christian Academy, Dr. Catterson is a proven leader in youth sports medicine. Recently, Haywood Sports Medicine offered a free pre-participation comprehensive sports medical physical for middle and high school athletes in order to best advise the athletes on how to prevent injuries during their upcoming seasons.

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Michael G. Ciccotti, MD, of Rothman Institute in Philadelphia.
Dr. Ciccotti is the director of the division of sports medicine and co-director of sports medicine research at Rothman Institute. He is also the head team physician for the Philadelphia Phillies and an orthopedic consultant to the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Eagles.

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William G. Clancy, MD, of Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Ala. Dr. Clancy has earned recognition among professional athletes for the ACL and PCL reconstruction procedures he developed while practicing medicine at the University of Wisconsin. Most NFL, NBA and NHL players with ACL tears have had the "Clancy Procedure."

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Tyson Cobb, MD, of the Hand Center of Excellence at Orthopedic Specialists in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Cobb developed a surgical treatment technique that uses a one-inch incision. Dr. Cobb lectures nationally and internationally on minimally invasive surgical techniques. He has special expertise in treatment for arthritis, joint replacement, metabolic bone disease, tumors and sports medicine.

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Brian Cole, MD, of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush in Chicago. Dr. Cole is a professor in the department of orthopedics with a conjoint appointment in the department of anatomy and cell biology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. A specialist in arthroscopic shoulder, elbow and knee surgery, he also serves as the team physician for the Chicago Bulls and co-team physician for the Chicago White Sox.

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Gordon Cromwell, Jr., MD, of Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, Wash. Orthopedic and trauma surgeon Dr. Cromwell was recently named chief of staff at Harrison Medical Center. The position may be new, but the location isn't: Dr. Cromwell has been with Harrison for 33 years. During his tenure, he has served as an orthopedic surgeon, chief of Harrison's orthopedic section, chief medical officer and, most recently, assistant chief of staff.

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Leigh Ann Curl, MD, of MedStar SportsHealth. Dr. Curl has earned many honors during her career in sports medicine and broke through several barriers in a field dominated by men. She is the first female head team orthopedic surgeon for a professional football team, the Baltimore Ravens, and graduated at the top of her class from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.

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Phani K. Dantuluri, MD, of Resurgens Orthopaedics in Georgia.
Dr. Dantuluri is a sports medicine surgeon with a special interest in hand and wrist surgery. He is the chief of the division of shoulder surgery at The Philadelphia Hand Center and Resurgens Orthopaedics in Georgia. He regularly diagnoses and treats patients with shoulder, elbow and hand conditions and injuries.

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Tal S. David, MD, of Arthroscopy & Orthopedic Sports Medicine Associates in San Diego. Referred to as "soccer savior" by one of his patients, Dr. David has proven his leadership among orthopedic surgeons by performing ACL reconstructions using the AperFix system. In a story published by the Del Mar Times, Dr. David spoke about the advantages to using the new minimally invasive technology during knee procedures.

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Robert T. Deveny, MD, of Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Conn. Dr. Deveney has a professional interest in disorders of the hip and knee, minimally invasive total hip and knee replacement and hip resurfacing and was recently featured in a Shoreline Plus article on the topic. In addition to seeing his patients, Dr. Deveney conducts research on topics including hip extension osteotomy for flatback syndrome and inferior hip locations.

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John Dietz, MD, of Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital in Indianapolis. Dr. Dietz is an integral part of his hospital's efforts to cut costs and achieve superior results in the march towards healthcare reform. In a July interview with Becker's Orthopedic & Spine Review, he discussed cost-reduction strategies that save hospitals money without sacrificing quality care.

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Christopher T. Donaldson, MD, of Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sports Medicine in Johnstown. After committing years to researching and practicing shoulder arthroscopy, Dr. Donaldson recently shared his expertise as an associate instructor to the Arthroscopy Association of North America shoulder arthroscopy master's course at the Orthopaedic Learning Center in Chicago.

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Lawrence D. Dorr, MD, of the Dorr Arthritis Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. In addition to providing more than 10,000 hip and knee replacements during his career, Dr. Dorr founded the "Operation Walk," a national campaign promoting orthopedic surgery for underprivileged patients around the world.

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Egon Doppenberg, MD, of NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, Ill. Dr. Doppenberg specializes in the treatment of brain and spine tumors and complex degenerative and traumatic spinal disorders at NorthShore University HealthSystem. An expert on minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures, he also serves as clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Chicago Pritzer School of Medicine.

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Randall Dryer, MD, of the Central Texas Spine Institute in Austin. Randall Dryer, MD, of Central Texas Spine Institute, in Austin, Texas is a leading spine surgeon who regularly performs outpatient spine surgery at Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, a Surgical Care Affiliates facility. He stands at the cutting edge of research in his field and he was recently part of a group that studied multi-level cervical disc replacement in an ASC setting, which he presented at this year's North American Spine Society annual meeting.

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Matthew El-Kadi, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh Passavant. As chief of neurosurgical surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Passavant spine center, Dr. El-Kadi has been instrumental in growing the facility and expanding its services beyond traditional spine surgery. Dr. El-Kadi has a professional interest in treating patients with fusion and minimally invasive spine surgery techniques.

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Thomas Einhorn, MD, of Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Einhorn has recently been in the news for successfully using biologic techniques to heal a patient's broken leg after several other surgeries failed. This procedure is but one of many successful biologic procedures attributed to Dr. Einhorn during his career.

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Richard G. Fessler, MD, of Northwestern University in Chicago. Dr. Fessler has pioneered several spine surgery techniques, including microendoscopic discectomy and microendoscopic compression of lumbar stenosis. He has also earned a place as a leader in spine surgery by being the first physician in the United States to perform human embryonic spinal cord transplantation.

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Mark Flood, DO, of Celling Treatment Centers in Austin, Texas. In the field of adult stem cell research and biologic treatment of spinal disorders, Dr. Flood has proven himself a leader by constantly remaining at the cutting-edge of this technology. He first used his knowledge of adult stem cell procedures in Arizona, completing the state's first scoliosis surgery using the technology on a 17-year-old patient.

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Daniel Garza, MD, of Stanford Hospital & Clinics in California. In order to develop better treatment of football injuries, Dr. Garza is collaborating with the San Francisco 49ers for a study about the biomechanics of football injuries, according to a Stanford Hospital & Clinics news release.

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David Geier, MD, of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. As the director of the Medical University of South Carolina's sports medicine program and spokesman for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Dr. Geier invested a great deal of time and energy into youth sports medicine and injury prevention.

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Thomas Graham, MD, of the Curtis National Hand Center at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Md. Dr. Graham estimates he helped around 1,700 professional athletes. He has been sought out by NBA star Shaquille O'Neal, golfer Anthony Kim and Boston Bruins center David Krejci.

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Andrew Gregory, MD, of Vanderbilt Orthopaedics in Nashville. As a child in Huntsville, Ala., Dr. Gregory enjoyed playing soccer and tennis as well as running track. Today, as an orthopedic surgeon and member of the ACSM Youth Sports and Health Committee, Dr. Gregory has a professional interest in treating young athletes. Dr. Gregory serves as an assistant professor of orthopedics and pediatrics as well as director of the primary care sports medicine fellowship at Vanderbilt Orthopedics in Nashville.

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Kevin Gill, MD, of the UT Southwester Spine Center in Dallas.
In addition to his work as professor and vice chairman of orthopedic surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and co-director of the UT Southwestern Spine Center, Dr. Gill has found the time to make significant contributions to spine surgery procedures through his research focused on degenerative disorders.

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Scott Gillogly, MD, of Atlanta Medical Center. As the head team physician and orthopedic surgeon for the Atlanta Thrashers NHL hockey team and the Atlanta Falcons NFL football team, Dr. Gillogly knows how to treat a sports injury — and how one feels. He first became interested in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery as a quarterback for the United States Army at West Point.

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Manish Gupta, MD, of Sports & Orthopedic Center in Boca Raton, Fla.
It seems fitting that the homepage of Dr. Gupta's Sports & Orthopedic Center is headed by a link to the surgeon's fantasy football picks. As a board-certified sports medicine and reconstruction specialist, Dr. Gupta has worked with the Baltimore Ravens and the Morgan State University football program, helping mend sports injuries.

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Emanuel Haber, MD, of The Foot and Ankle Centre of New Jersey in Paramus. The purchase of the laser for The Foot and Ankle Centre of New Jersey makes Dr. Haber the first podiatrist in northern New Jersey to use a cool laser to treat fungal infections. Traditionally, podiatrists use a heat-based laser to cut through tissue. The cool laser uses light instead, creating a more comfortable sensation for the patient.

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Steven L. Haddad, MD, of the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute in Morton Grove. Dr. Haddad is an orthopedic surgeon, inventor and expert on total ankle replacement. He regularly performs surgery on patients needing uncomplicated total ankle replacement and those with deformity corrections. Dr. Haddad has also shared his expertise by leading design teams focused on creating ankle replacement prostheses for Wright Medical.

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Christopher D. Harner, MD, of UPMC Center for Sports Medicine. As vice president of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and former board member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dr. Harner certainly has a wealth of leadership experience. He is a physician with UPMC Center for Sports Medicine in Pittsburgh and has a professional interest in knee, ligament and cartilage injuries.

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Richard Hawkins, MD, of the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas. Dr. Hawkins, who is co-founder of the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas and formerly The Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colo., has positioned himself as a leader in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. He has treated professional athletes from around the world, and this past year he took the time to visit Haiti and treat earthquake victims, according to a clinic report.

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Andrew C. Hecht, MD, of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. As the spine surgical consultant for the New York Jets, the co-director of spine surgery and director of the NFL spine center program for retired players at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Hecht is a busy man. Dr. Hecht's clinical interests include cervical and lumbar spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, microsurgery, spine trauma and tumors.

Read more about Dr. Andrew C. Hecht.

Stephen H. Hochschuler, MD, the of Texas Back Institute.
Dr. Hochschuler has been a leader in spine surgery for several years. In the past, he has served as a director for Alphatech Spine and serves as the chairman of the scientific advisory board for Forbes magazine.

Read more about Dr. Stephen H. Hochschuler.

Frank Jobe, MD, of The Kerlan-Jobe Clinic in Los Angeles. After a long career in orthopedic surgery, which includes co-founding the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic, pioneering the Tommy John surgery for major league pitchers with damaged UCLs and training several sports medicine physicians, Dr. Jobe is one of the most recognizable names in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine.

Read more about Dr. Frank Jobe.

Dean Karahalios, MD, of the NorthShore Neurological Institute at NorthShore University Health Systems in Evanston, Skokie and Vernon Hills, Ill.
Dr. Karahalios was recently named to the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Second Opinion Network of Neurological Surgeons. The second opinion network allows injured NFL players to have access to physicians who are unencumbered by league politics and economics. Dr. Karahalios was chosen as a representative for the NFLPA Second Opinion Network of Neurological Surgeons for brain and spine injuries for Chicago.

Read more about Dr. Dean Karahalios.

Spero Karas, MD, of Emory Orthopaedic & Spine Center in Atlanta, Ga. Dr. Karas is director of the Emory Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship Program. He also serves as consulting team physician for Georgia Tech University, Emory University Athletics and Mount Vernon Presbyterian High School. A recognized authority in the fields of shoulder and knee surgery and sports medicine, Dr. Karas has authored more than 150 publications, presentations and videos and has trained over 50 residents, fellows and graduate students in his subspecialties.

Read more about Dr. Spero Karas.

Choll Kim, MD, PhD, of the Spine Institute of San Diego. Dr. Kim is a nationally known expert on computer-assisted minimally invasive spine surgery. He shares his expertise with fellow spine surgeons as director of the education lab in the minimally invasive spine center at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego. He uses image guidance and navigation techniques in order to perform spine surgery on complex spinal disorders, spinal stenosis, deformities, traumatic injuries and tumors.

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Timothy E. Kremchek, MD, of Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Sharonville, Ohio. Dr. Kremchek, co-founder of Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, has served many professional athletes as the medical director and chief orthopedic physician for the Cincinnati Reds. He has also been honored for his work as a team physician for local high schools.

Read more about Dr. Timothy E. Kremchek.

Ezriel Kornel of Brain & Spine Surgeons of New York in White Plains. Dr. Kornel has become an expert in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery of the spine, as well as minimally invasive approaches in the surgical treatment of brain tumors. He was one of the first neurosurgeons in the New York metropolitan area to replace damaged cervical discs with newly introduced artificial discs.

Read more about Dr. Ezriel Kornel.

Lawrence D. Lemak, MD, of Lemak Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Ala. Dr. Lemak has been a leader in sports medicine through his work to promote sports safety for both professional and youth athletes. He has been a major advocate for standardizing treatment for professional and college athletes and has educated many coaches about sports medicine injuries.

Read more about Dr. Lawrence Lemak.

Craig Levitz, MD, partner at Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group in Rockville Centre, N.Y. Dr. Levitz currently spreads his expertise on knee, shoulder and elbow disorders to future physicians around the world. He is lead faculty for Smith & Nephew's minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgery course and serves as consultant to other major orthopedic companies.

Read more about Dr. Craig Levitz.

Isador Lieberman, MD, of the Texas Back Institute. Dr. Lieberman has a passion for minimally invasive spine surgery, which has led him to become an internationally recognized leader in the field. He recently co-developed SpineAssist, a robotic tool used to perform minimally invasive spine surgery that is used at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano.

Read more about Dr. Isador Lieberman.

Kenneth Light, MD, of San Francisco Spine Center. Dr. Light recently became one of the few physicians in the United States to successfully reverse a spinal fusion. Spinal fusions were thought to be permanent procedures, until recently, and many fusions severely limit the patient's range of motion. This was the case for Dr. Light's patient, who also suffered from constant pain before the reversal.

Read more about Dr. Kenneth Light.

Walter R. Lowe, MD, of the University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio. In addition to his work with professional and university sports teams, Dr. Lowe is the chairman of the department of orthopedics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and the head of orthopedic surgery at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and LBJ General Hospital. Finally, Dr. Lowe serves as the medical director of the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Institute.

Read more about Dr. Walter R. Lowe.

Jerry Magone, MD, of Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Consultants in West Chester, Ohio. Dr. Magone is the president and CEO of Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Consultants where he has practiced since 1987. Dr. Magone has served on the Quality Improvement Council for AETNA/US Healthcare and on the board of directors of United Health Care Ohio's capitated orthopedic network.

Read more about Dr. Jerry Magone.

William Maloney, MD, of the Joint Replacement Center in Redwood, Calif. This past year, Dr. Maloney was placed on the AAHKS President's Honor Roll, gold level, by the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons and received the Achievement Award for his contributions as a volunteer in orthopedics from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and The Otto Aufranc Award from the Hip Society.

Read more about Dr. William Maloney.

Bert Mandelbaum, MD, a physician with Santa Monica (Calif.) Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group. Dr. Mandelbaum established his leadership within sports medicine by heading a development team in creating a warm-up program specifically designed to help female athletes prevent common knee injuries. Female athletes who completed the Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) were 1.7 times less likely to have ACL injuries than other female athletes, according to the research.

Read more about Dr. Bert Mandelbaum.

David Martin, MD, of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. A noted expert on sports medicine, Dr. Martin specializes in arthroscopy of the shoulder and knee, trauma and sports medicine of the upper extremity, foot and ankle surgery, rehabilitation and total joint replacement. He was named to the 2009-10 list of Best Doctors in America by Boston-based rating company Best Doctors.

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Joseph C. McCarthy, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
Dr. McCarthy was recently named the president of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy. He is the vice chairman of the department of orthopedics at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and director of the Kaplan Center for Joint Reconstructive Surgery at the Newton Wellesley Hospital. His professional interests include total joint arthroplasty and hip arthroscopy.

Read more about Dr. Joseph C. McCarthy.

Stephen M. McCollam, MD, of Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic in Atlanta. Dr. McCollam currently serves as president of Atlanta's Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic, where he has been a hand surgeon for more than 20 years. His leadership in orthopedics extends well beyond the U.S. borders, as he has volunteered his time at the Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti for the past two decades.

Read more about Dr. Stephen M. McCollam.

Jeffrey R. McConnell, MD, of OAA Orthopaedic Specialists' Pennsylvania Spine and Scoliosis Institute.
Dr. McConnell is one of the leaders of "Operation Straight Spine," a charitable mission project that provides spinal treatment for the underserved population in Kolkata, India. He is trained in Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion and cervical total disc arthroplasty. He has been active in researching these areas and was the lead investigator for the SECURE-C cervical disc replacement FDA IDE clinical trial.

Read more about Dr. Jeffrey R. McConnell.

Gary Michelson, MD, of Los Angeles. In addition to his leadership as a spine surgeon for more than 25 years, Dr. Michelson has proven his status as an integral member of the spine community by inventing comprehensive spinal surgical systems which have become the foundation of several modern treatment options for spinal disorders.

Read more about Dr. Gary Michelson.

Peter Millett, MD, of The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colo.
Dr. Millett is a partner at The Steadman Clinic. His practice focuses on treating athletes with shoulder injuries, and he has expertise in treating revision shoulder surgery. He has recently been elected to serve on the National Steering Committee for the Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention campaign, an endeavor supported by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Read more about Dr. Peter Millett.

Allan Mishra, MD, of Total Tendon in Stanford, Calif. Since Dr. Mishra published his first article supporting the use of platelet rich plasma for chronic tendonitis, which has become an increasingly popular treatment method for patients with tendonitis. Additional studies Dr. Mishra has published include supporting the use of PRP for tennis elbow, Achilles tendon repair and arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.

Read more about Dr. Allan Mishra.

Mick Perez-Cruet, MD, of Michigan Head & Spine Institute at the Providence Medical Center in Southfield, Mich. Dr. Perez-Cruet is a pioneer in minimally invasive spine surgery and recently treated a patient in June, helping her return to her golf game by August. He treated her collapsed disc by combining a decompression for stenosis with a spinal fusion.

Read more about Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet.

Jeff Pierson, MD, of St. Francis Hospital-Mooresville, Ind. Dr. Pierson was part of a team that developed a system for decreasing blood loss during surgery. In addition to blood conservation with total joint replacement, his research interests include rehabilitation and recovery after total joint replacement. Dr. Pierson currently practices at the St. Vincent Orthopedic Center and with Northcentral Indiana Orthopedics in Logansport, Ind.

Read more about Dr. Jeff Pierson.

Kevin Plancher, MD, of Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Dr. Plancher is a sports medicine physician. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Plancher is on the editorial review board of the Journal of American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Journal of Medicine and Sports and the American Journal of Orthopedics.

Read more about Dr. Kevin Plancher.

William G. Pujadas, MD, of Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute in Jacksonville, Fla.
Dr. Pujadas is one of the founding partners of the Jacksonville (Fla.) Orthopaedic Institute, where he continues to practice from the San Marco location. He is also a member of the Baptist Center for Joint Replacement at Baptist Medical Center, where he participates in the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program.

Read more about Dr. William G. Pujadas.

Bernard Rawlins, MD, of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. Dr. Rawlins is experienced in treating all spinal disorders from the cervical spine to scoliosis in adult and pediatric patients. His expertise in treating so many different conditions is supplemented by his research interests, including spine biomechanics, gene-mediated spine fusion and innovative surgical techniques.

Read more about Dr. Bernard Rawlins.

Arthur Rettig, MD, of Methodist Sports Medicine/The Orthopedic Specialists in Indianapolis. Dr. Rettig has earned several honors for his work as team physician for various Indiana teams. This past year, the Indiana Football Coaches Association inducted Dr. Rettig into its Hall of Fame.

Read more about Dr. Arthur Rettig.

Mark Reiley, MD, of Berkeley (Calif.) Orthopaedic Group. Dr. Reiley is the acclaimed developer of kyphoplasty and the founder of Kyphon, a company that aims to restore spinal function through minimally invasive therapies. Dr. Reiley also developed Inbone, a total ankle replacement technology that Robert Anderson, MD, said "will be successful for a long time" in an interview with The Saturday Evening Post.

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Garrison Rolle, MD of Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gulf in Pensacola, Fla. When Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gulf teamed up with Tallahassee (Fla.) Orthopedic Clinic to launch orthopedic services, Dr. Rolle was the first to perform orthopedic surgery at the new hospital on July 9. He performed arthroscopic knee repair on Arion Ward, a Port St. Joe (Fla.) High School student who hurt his knee playing basketball over the summer.

Read more about Dr. Garrison Rolle.

Anthony Romeo, MD, of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush in Chicago. Dr. Romeo is a sports medicine, elbow and shoulder surgeon at Midwest Orthoapedics at Rush. In his practice, he uses arthroscopic techniques to treat conditions such as rotator cuff disease, shoulder instability and elbow stiffness. He is one of the few surgeons in the country who routinely performs rotator cuff repairs and revisions using all arthroscopic techniques.

Read more about Dr. Anthony Romeo.

Alan Rosen, MD, of KSF Orthopaedic Center in Houston. Dr. Rosen is taking the lead in innovative treatment for orthopedic procedures by being one of the first physicians in his area to treat patients with PRP. He has a professional interest in treating upper extremity conditions and holds a certificate of added qualifications in hand surgery.

Read more about Dr. Alan Rosen.

Richard Rothman, MD, of Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. Dr. Rothman is the founder of Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, has experienced success in growing his orthopedic practice to encompass 14 locations in the Delaware Valley area over the past few years. He originally founded Rothman Institute in 1970 with the goal of using the most advanced technology available to treat his patients.

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Felix "Buddy" H. Savoie, III, MD, of Tulane (La.) University School of Medicine. Dr. Savoie has become an accomplished author and teacher for surgeons from around the world. He has a professional interest in shoulder, elbow and wrist surgery. He has also given several presentations for trained physicians, including a live broadcast of rotator cuff and labrum repair to an audience of over 400 orthopedic surgeons. The broadcast was part of the annual San Diego Shoulder Arthroscopy meeting.

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Mark Schickendantz, MD, of Cleveland Clinic. As head team physician for the Cleveland Indians professional baseball team and the Cleveland Browns professional football team, Dr. Schickendantz has treated his fair share of elbow and shoulder problems. He has performed arthroscopic surgery on a number of professional baseball players and recently evaluated an elbow strain for Miami Heat basketball player LeBron James.

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James D. Schwender, MD, of the Twin Cities Spine Center in Minneapolis. Dr. Schwender is current president of the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Dr. Schwender has made significant contributions to spine surgery through his research and instructional courses on several topics, including minimally invasive surgery and pediatric spine fixation.

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Thomas P. Sculco, MD, of the Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Sculco became the surgeon-in-chief of a top hospital orthopedic program when the U.S. News & World Report ranked the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York City as number one in orthopedics this past July. Dr. Sculco is also chairman of the department of orthopedic surgery and professor of orthopedic surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.

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Clarence L. Shields, Jr., MD, of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. Shields has served as a sports medicine leader in many capacities throughout his career. He is a past president of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and received the AOSSM "Mr. Sportsmedicine" award in 2006.

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James St. Louis, DO, of the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, Fla. Dr. St. Louis is committed to providing his patients with the best treatment possible for spinal injuries and disorders. He has consistently been on the cutting edge of minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and has trained many young physicians on innovative surgical techniques throughout his career.

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Richard Steadman, MD, of The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colo.
Dr. Steadman has treated patients and professional athletes for more than two decades at The Steadman Clinic, which he co-founded. Dr. Steadman focuses on treatment for knee injuries and has treated famous patients such as Ryan Sweeny of the Oakland Athletics and Owen Hargreaves of Manchester United.

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Marshall Steele, MD, of Marshall | Steele. As practices gear up for the changes to be instituted by the healthcare reform law, many are wondering what the future of healthcare will look like — who will lose money, who will make money and who will be forced to change their current practices. In May, Dr. Steele shared with Becker's ASC Review his predictions for healthcare reform's impact on providers.

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Michael J. Stuart, MD, of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.
Dr. Stuart is vice chair of orthopedic surgery and co-director of the sports medicine center at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He helped establish the sports medicine program in 1990 and has a professional interest in the lower extremity biomechanics. He is also involved in forwarding unicompartmental and total knee arthroplasty, proximal tibial osteotomy and meniscus and osteochondral allograft transplantation.

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John R. Tongue, MD, a private-practice orthopedic surgeon in Tualatin, Ore.
Dr. Tongue has been a leader in orthopedic surgery for many years and currently serves as the second vice president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He has a professional interest in arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement and sports medicine.

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Alexander Vaccaro, MD, of the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. As the recipient of the 2010 Leon Wiltse Award for excellence in leadership and clinical research from the North American Spine Society, Dr. Vaccaro is poised to continue developing and performing such innovative surgery. His research interests include the timing of surgery after traumatic spinal cord injury, using alternative bone graft substitutes in spinal surgery and developing spinal implants for traumatic and degenerative spinal disorders.

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Russell Warren, MD, of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. During his career, he has established himself as a leader in sports medicine through his work as a team physician for the New York Giants as well as his clinical and research-based contributions to the field. He is a past president of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and the American Shoulder & Elbow Society.

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Michael Weiss, DO, of Laser Spine Institute in Scottsdale, Ariz. Dr. Weiss is the chief spine surgeon at Laser Spine Institute Scottsdale, where he treats his patients who have conditions such as spinal arthritis, pinched nerves, bulging discs, herniated discs and sciatic nerve compression. He has also served as the president of the Broward Orthopedic Society and is a fellow with the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics.

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Leo Whiteside, MD, of Missouri Bone & Joint Center in St. Louis. Dr. Whiteside is the founder and president of the board of directors at the Missouri Bone & Joint Center in St. Louis, is a leader in hip and knee surgery. He invented three total knee prostheses, two unicompartmental knee prostheses, three total hip prostheses and other surgical instruments.

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Austin Yeargan, MD, of North Carolina Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. As physicians continue to explore biologic approaches to treating orthopedic patients, Austin Yeargan, MD, a physician with North Carolina Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, is at the cutting-edge of this technology. Dr. Yeargan recently harvested adult stem cells from bone marrow from a patient's hip to repair the patient's rotator cuff, according to a Star News report.

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Lewis Yocum, MD, of Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. Recently hailed as the possible new "King of Sports Medicine" by Forbes Magazine, Dr. Yocum has advised and operated on several professional athletes. He has special training in performing ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, also known as Tommy John surgery, a procedure developed and pioneered by Dr. Yocum's colleague, Frank Jobe, MD.

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Erik N. Zeegen, MD, of the Valley Hip & Knee Institute in Tarzana, Calif. Dr. Zeegen learned the important role surgeons play in their patients' lives while accompanying his father, an ophthalmologist, during his Saturday morning rounds. He now uses minimally invasive techniques to perform anterior hip replacement and unicompartmental knee replacement.

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Christian Zimmerman, MD, of Idaho Neurological Institute in Boise. Dr. Zimmerman currently serves as chairman and medical director of Idaho Neurological Institute and co-chairman of Spinal Medicine Institute at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, Idaho. He co-founded the Idaho Neurological Institute in 1993.

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