30 New Orthopedic Device Launches & Releases

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Here are 30 orthopedic devices that were recently launched or released. They are listed by company in alphabetical order.


1. Signature Personalized Patient Care System for Oxford Partial Knee System
— The Signature Personalized Patient Care System creates a custom femoral and tibial surgical positioning guide for the partial knee replacement. The procedure is indicated for patients with osteoarthritis or avascular necrosis in the medial compartment and the implant should be used with bone cement.

BioMimetic Therapeutics

2. Augmatrix Biocomposite Bone Graft — Augmatrix Biocomposite Bone Graft, a new bone graft substitute product line composed of carbonate-apatite and Type 1 collagen. It is designed for use with bone marrow aspirate and has been cleared for use in multiple environments, such as fracture repair and general bone void filling procedures.

DePuy Orthopaedics

3. AOX Polyethylene — The AOX Polyethylene was approved for use with the SIGMA Rotating Platform Knee System and LCS COMPLETE Mobile Bearing Knee System. AOX includes a blend of polyethylene resin and the antioxidant COVERNOX and eliminates the annealing or remelting process. The material is designed to deliver oxidative stability and optimum wear resistance without compromising mechanical properties.

4. RECLAIM Modular Revision Hip System — RECLAIM includes instrument technology to improve intraoperative handling, flexibility and efficiency. The system is designed for more diverse options for treating each patient's unique pathology.

5. GRIPTION TF Acetabular Augment System
— GRIPTION is designed for patients with bone defects in moderate to complex acetabular revision surgery. It has a highly porous structure made from pure titanium and includes a variety of options and configurations for unique patient anatomy. The system works in conjunction with the PINNACLE Acetabular Cup.

6. TRUMATCH Personalized Solutions 2.5i
— This solution promotes procedural efficiency in knee replacements. It is designed to enhance capabilities that aid implant positioning as well. TRUMATCH can reduce the procedure time by up to 35 minutes. It uses CT scans and computer software to guide the development and production of the femoral and tibial cutting blocks prepared individually to match the patients' actual bone.

7. GLOBAL UNITE Platform System
— This system is indicated for treating fractures of the proximal humerous. It is designed to improve tuberosity healing and can later be easily converted to a reverse shoulder arthroplasty for treating arthritis with a torn rotator cuff.

8. GLOBAL STEPTECH APG System — This shoulder system is designed to correct excessive retroversion caused by posterior glenoid bone loss and minimize the removal of healthy bone. The prosthesis includes a proprietary step design with a spherical anterior backside surface and conical posterior backside surface to counteract posterior loading.


9. Optetrak Logic — The Optetrak Logic is a primary knee system for total knee replacements. It combines the company's Hi-Flex geometry, net compression molded polyethylene inserts, optimized FIT tibial trays and streamlined Logic LPI instrumentation, and includes additional sizes. It also includes the Posterior Cruciate Referencing Technique and CR Slope technology for planning and performing anatomical surgery.

10. Equinoxe Augmented Glenoid
— Exactech introduced the Equinoxe Augmented Gelnoid implants designed for challenging glenoid morphologies. The implants address posterior, superior and medial deformities in a procedure designed to preserve native bone.

MiMedx Group

11. AmnioFix Injectable — AmnioFix Injectable is an allograft composed of micronized amniotic tissue. The company's Purion process retains the amniotic growth factors and cytokines inherent in placental tissue, which creates an injectable tissue for reducing inflammation and enhancing soft tissue healing.


12. Contronail Ankle Compression Nailing — Orthofix's Centronail Ankle Compression Nailing System now has differentiated solutions for the hind foot. The procedure treats patients suffering from pain and incapacity as a result of arthritis, trauma and diabetes. The system's two piece targeting assemble allows for screw placement flexibility while maintaining stability. It is designed for fusing up to three joints.

13. Contours Lapidus Plating System — The Contours Lapidus Plating System is designed for revision procedures and joint fusions in the small bones of the midfoot. The surgical procedure is comprised of a tarsometatarsal joint fusion treating patients with pain and discomfort associated with hallux valgus. Its design is specifically for the TMT anatomy and the anatomical forces at that joint.

14. Galaxy Fixation — The Galaxy Fixation is an external fixation system designed for temporary and definitive, complex orthopedic trauma applications where rapid stabilization and fixation is essential. The system incorporates a streamlined combination of clamps with both pin-to-bar and bar-to-bar capabilities. There are specific units for the elbow and shoulder.

Smith & Nephew

15. POLARCUP Dual Mobility Hip System — This system was designed for treatment with patients who are susceptible to hip dislocation and need enhanced stability. It allows surgeons to implant a smaller, constrained femoral component within a larger, anatomically sized polyethylene head for greater stability. It has 10 years of clinical use outside of the United States.


16. System 7 Heavy Power Tools — The new system offers cutting technology for long bone surgeries. The tools are designed for enhanced precision.

17. Stryker ADAPT System
— This new system powers FluoroMap Software and provides Adaptive Positioning Technology for the Gamma3 Locking Nail System.

18. ARIA Spinal System
— This is a complete solution for minimally invasive, transpsoasis access and spinal implant delivery system with an open neuromonitoring strategy. Additionally, its AVS Anchor-C Cervical Cage System is designed for anterior cervical fusion procedures and allows for rigid screw fixation without an added anterior profile.

19. ReUnion TSA Modular System
— This total shoulder arthroplasty system is the next generation design in the company's total shoulder arthroplasty system. It includes a highly crosslinked polyethylene glenoids on the market.

TeDan Surgical Innovations

20. Phantom Series MIS Anterior Retractor System — TeDan Surgical Innovations, a Houston-based medical device company, has launched its Phantom Series MIS Anterior Hip Retractor System. The system uses adjustable surgical arms with attachable retractors so surgeons can perform a procedure without a fracture table or surgical assistant.


21. Insite FT Anchor Family — Tornier has launched its next generation of screw-in suture anchors for rotator cuff injury repair. The product line includes the Easy Glide independent suture eyelets for reducing suture friction and a fully thread body to enhance bone fixation.

22. Duo Soft Tissue Fixation System
— This system is a convertible soft-tissue anchor that can be used in a tied or knotless fashion for shoulder instability repair, rotator cuff repair and other soft tissue applications.

23. QuickCell Platelet Concentration System
— This system prepares concentrated platelet from the patient's own blood. It is fully disposable and designed for less processing time while maintaining a high quality platelet concentration. With this system, physicians don't need a centrifuge at the point of care.

24. ArthroPass Suture Passer
— The ArthroPass is a full-featured suture passer designed for use in rotator cuff cases. The device was developed based on extensive surgeon feedback for ideal ergonomics during the procedure.

Wright Medical Group:

25. PROPHECY INBONE Pre-Operation Navigation Alignment Guides — This is a system for total ankle replacement on limited release in the United States. The system is designed to use CT scans of the patient's ankle to create patient-specific ankle alignment guides for a more precise procedure. The company plans on a full release during the second half of 2012.

26. ORTHOLOC 3Di Ankle Fracture System
— The ORTHOLOC is a single-tray ankle fracture system designed for patients with a wide range of fracture types and classifications. The system includes anatomically-contoured plates and comprehensive instrument set.

27. QUICKDRAW Knotless Soft Tissue Fixation System
— The QUICKDRAW is designed for soft tissue reattachment procedures for the foot and ankle. The system's instrumentation is designed to simplify suture management and placement, and includes the BELAY, MINI-BELAY Knotless Suture Anchors and the RAPPEL-LINE Surgical Suture.


28. Universal Power System — The Zimmer Universal Power System is a single comprehensive large bone surgical power system. It can be configured for reaming, drilling and sawing with a broad range of attachments. The company is also able to offer STABLECUT after acquiring Synvasive Technology. The surgical saw blades have a ground tooth set design for increased debris relief and can be used with the Zimmer Universal Power System.

29. Unicompartmental High Flex Knee System
— The Patient Specific Instruments are now available for use with the Zimmer Unicompartmental High Flex Knee System. The technology has previously been applied to the company's NexGen Complete Knee and Gender Solutions Natural Knee. The Zimmer Patient Specific Instruments use MRI and preoperative planning tools to create personalized guides for each patient's anatomy.

30. Chondrofix Ostechondral Allograft
— The Zimmer Chondrofix Osteochondral Allograft, which is intended for the repair of focal osteochondral lesions in diathrodial joints. The technology can be used to treat cartilage lesions though the open or arthroscopic surgical procedures. It is designed to retain the mechanical properties of the pre-processed tissue, including the capacity for immediate load-bearing. The technology can be used for patients who are too young for total joint replacement or need to reduce rehabilitation time to a minimum.

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