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Anuja Vaidya

Anuja Vaidya

Brian R. Gantwerker, MD, founder of the Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles, discusses how his hobbies help him improve his practice.

Four spine surgeons discuss the future of spinal instrumentation and what excites them most.

Six spine surgeons discuss best practices for performing spine surgery on elderly patients.

Five spine surgeons share advice for professional growth over the course of one's career.

Six spine surgeons share their best practices for helping patients understand complex diagnoses and treatment plans.

Bundled payment programs are becoming increasingly popular among spine and orthopedic practices. These programs aim to help improve care coordination, clinical outcomes and patient experience.

Seven spine surgeons discuss the opioid crisis and offer strategies to help combat it.

Four spine surgeons weigh in on the future of independent practice in the U.S.

Three spine surgeons discuss summertime activities they enjoy most.

Six spine surgeons discuss trends in the use of bone morphogenetic proteins in spinal surgery.

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