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Anuja Vaidya

Anuja Vaidya

Two spine surgeons discuss the regulatory changes that could improve spine practice.

Two spine surgeons, Brian R. Gantwerker, MD, and Issada Thongtrangan, MD, discuss their hopes for the next five years of their career.

Seven spine surgeons discuss the most important non-clinical skill-sets.

Three spine surgeons discuss how they make sure their relationships with patients do not suffer due to the increase in health IT use.

Three spine surgeons discuss their daily routines and how they ensure their productivity remains high.

Thursday, 25 April 2019 13:53

The future of 3D printing in spine care

Three spine surgeons weigh in on what they hope to see in 3D spine instrumentation printing in the near future.

Three spine surgeons discuss strategies for successful payer negotiations.

Two spine surgeons weigh in on the latest trends in pain management.

Five spine surgeons share best practices for sharpening one's skill set and remaining on the cutting-edge of spine care.

Thursday, 28 March 2019 19:46

The spine devices with the most potential

Four spine surgeons discuss the devices and techniques that will have a significant effect on patient care.

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