At the 20th Annual Ambulatory Surgery Centers Conference in Chicago, industry experts will give a presentation titled "Which Specialties Are Still Great for ASCs? Which Ones Should ASCs Eliminate Today? Will Hospital Employment Kill ASCs? What ASC Problems are not Fixable?"

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At the 11th Annual Spine, Orthopedic & Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference on June 14, a panel of experts discussed the future of the spine industry in a keynote session titled “The Healthcare, Spine and Orthopedic Economy: Is the future bright or dark? How do you position yourself?”
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MoneyHere are five categories with 25 statistics on physician compensation for specialists contracted with hospitals and healthcare organizations, either through employment or independent contracting. The data is based on the Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2013.
Here are 20 statistics comparing physician compensation in 2012 to 2011, based on the respective Medscape Physician Compensation Reports.
SurgeonHere are eight statistics on orthopedist compensation and alternative payment models for orthopedists in 2012 based on data from the Medscape Orthopedist Compensation Report: 2013.
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25 Orthopedic Surgeons on the Move

surgeonHere are 25 orthopedic surgeons who joined a new practice or hospital, or formed their own practice, announced over the past two months. If you would like to recommend an orthopedic surgeon for inclusion on this list, please contact Laura at lmiller@beckershealthcare.com.
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Four spine surgeons discuss whether or not hospital employment will be the future for industry physicians.
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Dr. Fred Davis on physician practicesTransformation of the healthcare industry has increased significantly over the past few years, driven by several converging factors. These changes are creating a climate of uncertainty for private practice orthopedic and neurosurgeons resulting in a trend towards selling their practices to hospitals or other healthcare organizations.
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Here are five steps for spine surgeons to resolve medical liability and malpractice issues before becoming a hospital employee.
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Before jumping on the hospital employment bandwagon, spine surgeons must consider all aspects of the contract before signing on the bottom line. If the conditions are right, spine surgeons could benefit from hospital employment; however, in many occasions they can continue to prosper in private practice.
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