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    Here are six hospitals and practices recently expanding orthopedic and spine programs.
    Published in Spine
    Here are seven underused areas of online potential to have a big impact on spine surgeons and their practices.
    Published in Spine
    This article was written by Dick Pepper, a medical marketing specialist who blogs at VoxMD.com and can be reached at dick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery has been getting a lot of well-deserved press lately, and we hear that more and more people are asking for this approach. We also know where these people, aka patients, will turn for information — to the internet! Here are a few tips on how to market yourself if you or your practice performs minimally invasive spine surgery and get your website found:
    Published in Spine
    Adoption of electronic health records has grown across the country and a new survey shows that most physicians using an EHR believe it contributes to improved patient care, according to a ChartLogic report.

    6 Ways Evidence-Based Medicine Impacts Orthopedic and Spine Surgery

    The recent focus on evidence-based medicine throughout the medical field has prompted both challenges and opportunities in orthopedics. Click to continue »

    AAOS President Dr. Daniel Berry: 4 Thoughts on the Future

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recently named Daniel Berry, MD, chair of the orthopedic surgery department at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., as president for 2011. Click to continue »

    50 Great Orthopedic Practices to Know

    Orthopedic practices were selected for inclusion on this list based on practice size, services and reputation in their communities. This list was created after substantial research by our editorial staff. Practices do not pay and cannot pay to be included on this list. This list is not an endorsement of any organization's clinical abilities. Click to continue »

    Publisher’s Letter: July 2011

    18th Annual Ambulatory Surgery Centers — Improving Profitability and Business and Legal Issues ConferenceClick to continue »

    9 Points for Orthopedic and Spine Surgeons on Forming Positive Relationships With Hospitals

    If you want to become part of the overall continuum of care in your community, forming a partnership or aligning with a hospital may be in your future, if it hasn't occurred already. Click to continue »

    70 Outstanding Hip Surgeons and Specialists

    The following hip specialists were selected for this list based on the awards they received from major orthopedic organizations, leadership in those organizations, work on professional publications and positions of service held at hospitals and practices. Click to continue »

    Zimmer’s Cheryl Blanchard: 5 Points on the International Consortium of Orthopaedic Registries

    Zimmer has supported national joint replacement registries outside of the United States for several years. Click to continue »

    10 Biggest Trends in Spine Pain Management

    Leading pain management physicians discuss the latest trends in spine pain management. Click to continue »

    6 Studies Supporting Timely Surgical Intervention for Appropriate Spine Indications

    1. Kyphoplasty among fracture patients. New research suggests that performing kyphoplasty for patients who sustained vertebral fractures as a result of an injury decreases the likelihood of death by 44 percent, compared to patients who are prescribed bed rest and pain killers. Click to continue »

    5 New Studies Influencing Sports Medicine

    Here are five new studies impacting sports medicine. The studies were published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, unless otherwise noted. Click to continue »

    What Percentage of Orthopedic Surgeons Will be Employed in 5 Years? 10 Responses

    According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons most recent census data for 2008, 44.3 percent of orthopedic surgeons were practicing in a private practice setting and 20.9 percent were in a solo practice. Click to continue »

    30 Orthopedic and Spine Surgeons on the Move

    Danville (Va.) Spine Center, a division of Danville Orthopedic Clinic, welcomed Leon Abram, MD, a traumatic spinal disorder surgeons. Click to continue »
    A new toolkit funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will help small- and medium-sized physician practices analyze their workflow with the effect of health information technology implementation, according to the AHRQ website.
    Roughly 81,000 physicians in hospitals, clinics and private offices have registered for help to apply for electronic health record bonuses, but only 31,000 work in small group practices, according to an ONC figure in an iWatch News investigative report.
    The Colorado Rural Health Center and UnitedHealthcare dispersed more than $2 million in funds to strengthen healthcare delivery in rural communities, particularly toward expanding the use of health information technology between hospitals and physician practices, according to a CRHC news release.
    Wednesday, 29 June 2011 13:13

    ACSM Releases New Adult Exercise Guidelines

    The American College of Sports Medicine released new guidelines on the recommended quality and quantity of exercise for adults, according to an organization news release.
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