Thomas Schuler, MD, founded Reston-based Virginia Spine Institute in 1992 and has grown the practice to one of the largest multidisciplinary spinal groups in the region. As CEO, he leads the group through changes in healthcare and continues to succeed in providing cutting-edge treatment options for his patients.
The Journal of Neurosurgery's Neurosurgical Focus May 2017 edition includes a systematic literature review of the current application for robotics in spine surgery.
Researchers compared anterior lumber interbody fusion outcomes with and without an "access surgeon," in a study published in Spine.
Nobody intentionally does things to increase their risk of suffering a back injury, but oftentimes we unknowingly do things that leave us predisposed to a spinal injury. Today, we take a look at five ways people unknowingly stress and strain their spine, and we share some tips for staying aware of your posture.
A new study published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine examines how preoperative epidural injections affect postoperative infection rates for lumbar spinal fusion patients.
Atlanta-based Shepherd Center appointed Michael Yochelson, MD, its new CMO, according to Atlanta Business Chronicle.
Here are six spine surgeons who made the news this week:
A new study published in Spine examines the correlation between health-related quality of life scores, radiographic parameters and complications among adult spinal deformity patients.

9. Military personnel undergoing MIS spine — 3 details

Written by Adam Schrag | Thursday, 11 May 2017 20:19
Tampa, Fla.-based Laser Spine Institute revealed study findings that showed military personnel return to duty faster after undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery.
Five spine surgeons share their experiences in the spine field and whether they would recommend the specialty to young physicians.
A study examined the preoperative use of opioid analgesics for patients undergoing lumbar fusion, according to Medscape.
Here are eight things for spinal surgeons to know for May 11 2017.
A new study published in Spine examines the cost of dural tears and whether they increase the risk of complications among spine surgery patients.
Chicago-based REACT physical therapists have corrected the scoliosis of a 12-year-old.
Former Seattle-based Swedish Health neurosurgeon Johnny Delashaw, MD, has been suspended from practicing medicine in Washington state, according to The Seattle Times.
Allegheny Health Network physicians became the first in Pennsylvania to perform minimally invasive spine surgery with Mazor X, a sophisticated robotic spine surgery system.

17. 15 things to know about lateral spine surgery

Written by Megan Wood | Tuesday, 09 May 2017 19:53
Lateral spine surgery continues to be a game-changing procedure for many surgeons, yielding enhanced patient outcomes.
Researchers studied the impact of herniated disc surgery on elderly patients, according to News-Medical Life Sciences.
Boston Magazine named Frank X. Pedlow, MD, is a 2017 Top Doctor.
A new study published in The Spine Journal examines the risk factors for pulmonary complication after surgery for spinal fractures.
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