Dr. Dennis Crandall There are several tactics orthopedic and spine surgeons can use to build a good reputation in the community and leave a lasting mark on the spine field. Depending on where they are in their careers, surgeons can make different moves to build strong a foundation and grow their reputation.
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Terrence Crowder, MD, a spine surgeon with Sonoran Spine Center in Mesa, Ariz., discusses the recent Medicare payment cuts as a result of the sequester and how these cuts will impact spine surgeons going forward.
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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 16:24

8 Lessons Learned Building a Spine Practice

Dr. Dennis Crandall on operating a spine practiceDennis Crandall, MD, founder and medical director of Sonoran Spine Center in Mesa, Ariz., originally began practicing as a member of a large group and then struck out on his own to begin a spine specialty practice.
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Dennis Crandall, MD, is founder and medical director of Sonoran Spine Center in Phoenix.
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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 11:19

8 Pillars of Success at Sonoran Spine Center

Spine practices can follow one of several different business models with a focus on either surgical cases, non-surgical cases or a mix of both. When founding his group, Sonoran Spine Center, Dennis Crandall, MD, chose a model that emphasized treating all different types of patients.
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Michael Chang, MD, a spine surgeon at Sonoran Spine Center in Mesa, Ariz., is specially trained to perform complex spine surgery on patients with spinal deformity. He discusses one of these procedures, the three-column osteotomy.
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