At the 11th Annual Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference, in Chicago, John Bartos, JD, will give a presentation titled "Debunking the Myths of Out-of-Network Reimbursements."
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Unexpected and high-cost medical bills from out-of-network hospitals and physicians are contributing to the growing problem of consumer medical debt, and in New York, it is causing some to go broke, according to a report from the New York State Department of Financial Services (pdf).
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Out-of-network reimbursement is one of the most significant issues in the surgery center industry today. Many experts believe that dependence on out-of-network reimbursement will become unfeasible in the next few years, but some surgery centers and markets continue to buck the trend by profiting tremendously from OON. Here four surgery center industry leaders discuss the future of out-of-network reimbursement.
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Here are five core concepts for healthcare providers this year, as well as observations on key healthcare delivery trends during 2011.
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New York-based FAIR Health will soon launch a free website to utilize "fair and open methodology" for looking up healthcare provider and physician charges nationwide, according to a Colorado Medicine report.