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Here are 10 spine surgeons and neurosurgeons in the news this week.  
  Here are 17 key notes on major spine and orthopedic device companies.  
  Neurosurgeons Ali Baaj, MD, and Kumar Kakarla, MD, have successfully performed corrective spine surgery on a severely deformed Ugandan orphan at the Tucson-based University of Arizona Medical Center.  
Orchid has broken ground on a new 28,400-square-foot manufacturing site in Pune, India.  
InVivo Therapeutics named Steven McAllister CFO. 
Financial issues are top-of-mind for most surgeons today. Three spine surgeons discuss the financial challenges worrying them the most and how they feel about the future.  
Integra LifeScience marks its 25th anniversary in June 2014. 
A new report from Research and Markets shows the United States spinal fusion market share will shrink over the next few years. 
Here are eight things for spinal surgeons to know for June 19, 2014.  
Here are five important updates from professional spine societies in the last month:  
Spine surgeons are paying closer attention to the patient experience at their practice as patients play a bigger role in choosing their specialist. Even baby boomers are going online today to educate themselves about their medical conditions and looking for the best specialist to fulfill their needs. 
Spine device company LDR Executive Vice President, CFO Robert McNamara sold 40,000 shares of LDR stock on Monday, according to a WatchListNews report. 
A new study in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine examines the effectiveness of extreme lateral interbody fusion. 
Benvenue Medical has its eye on the minimally invasive spine device market, and the company recently completed a round of financing for future growth in that space. 
As today’s healthcare environment grows more challenging for spine surgeons, those who are leaders in the field continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve for successful private practice. 
Nearly a year after the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas made coverage changes to their spinal fusion policy, the local news source KAKE.com reports patients are having a harder time accessing spine surgery. 
The United States market for orthopedic trauma is expected to reach $8 billion by 2020, according to a new iData Research report. 
Here are six hospitals and health systems that are investing in expanding their spine programs.  
A group of spine surgeon researchers examined the Hospital for Special Surgery Cervical Spine Surgery Expectations Survey to see how patient expectations impact recovery and outcomes after cervical spine surgery. The findings were published in an issue of Spine. 
There have been several changes for spine and pain management professionals over the past few years, and leaders in the field are at the forefront of advocating for change. 
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