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  Here are four new medical device updates for spine and orthopedic procedures.  
Quality has always been extremely important in healthcare, but the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act refocused providers toward data-driven results. 
Here are 10 spine surgeons and specialists in the news this week. 
Priority Health (Michigan) updated its Lumbar Fusion Medical Policy to cover for SI-BONE's minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion procedure. 
The China orthopedic industry is expected to grow through 2017, according to a Research in China report. 
Orthopedic spine surgeon Chibuikem Akamnonu, MD, joined FLH Medical, P.C. Orthopedic Surgery in Geneva, N.Y., according to a Finger Lakes Times report. 
A new Zacks report upgrades Symmetry Medical to an "outperform" rating, according to an InterCooler report. 
Here are 10 orthopedic surgeons who were in the news this week. 
  Gabelli will now cover Globus Medical, a spine-focused medical device company, according to a WKRB News & Analysis report.  
  A study recently published in Spine examined the complications and mortality rate for cervical spine surgery patients and compared the rates between different racial groups.  
An article published in The Spine Journal examines polyurethane materials use in spine surgery.  
Three spine surgeons discuss strategies they have implemented to reduce costs at their medical practices.  
  Here are six key notes on spine and orthopedic device companies.  
The Sunshine Act passed last year, requiring medical device companies to disclose compensation or gifts given to surgeons valued at more than $10, with few exceptions. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services collected data from device companies and expected to publish interactions on the CMS website starting September 2014, but everything didn't go as planned. 
Here are eight things for spinal surgeons to know for Aug. 21, 2014.  
Last week Orthofix announced the company would delay releasing second quarter financial reports until they were able to adjust issues with their calculations. Today, the company said it would restate the prior period's financial statements for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 fiscal statements as well as the first quarter ending in March, 2014. 
Michael Vitale, MD, chief of pediatric spine and scoliosis service at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NY-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center in New York performed the first procedure in the area using the MAGnetic Expansion Control device, according to an NY Daily News report. 
A study published in Spine examines the number of sacral fractures and in-hospital complication instances for patients undergoing spine surgery. 
Medtronic CEO Ishrak Omar used the company's first quarter 2015 fiscal year financial report to explain why their recently announced acquisition of Covidien will be good for the United States economy. 
  Here are five recent spine surgeon and neurosurgeon achievements and honors.  
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