Thursday, 01 November 2012 13:28

10 New Spine Device Launches

Here are 10 new spine devices recently launched or released.
Thursday, 07 June 2012 12:03

12 Spine Device & Implant Launches

Here are 12 spine devices and implants that were recently launched and released.

C-OnSite Enhancement for Renaissance Robotic-Guided Spine Surgery System from Mazor Robotics.
Mazor Robotics has launched the C-OnSite enhancement for its Renaissance robotic-guided spine surgery system that allows a fast, low radiation, intraoperative three dimensional verification of the implant placement. The system uses images from two dimensional C-arms to create the three dimensional image, which allows surgeons an axial view of the spine to see the exact location of each pedicle screw in relationship to the spinal canal.

Dynamic Bone from Amedica.
Amedica announced it will begin distributing its Dynamic Bone, an expandable allograft bone provided by Dynamic Surgical Solutions and BioDfence. The allograft is designed for easy handling with a flexible amniotic membrane.

E-Vol System from Cutting Edge Spine.
The FDA-cleared E-Vol system from Cutting Edge Spine is now commercially available. The system includes instruments for anterior, posterior, lateral and transforaminal approaches as well as the PEEK-OPTIMA polymer from Invibio Biomaterials Solutions.

Disposable Torque Limiters from Holmed Corp.
Holmed Corp. launched a line of disposable torque limiters designed for existing handles and driver bits. Holmed Corp. is the parent company of Spine Surgical innovation, the global marketer and distributor of the Swivel Port System, which is designed for ease of use during posterior or posterolateral lumbar and cervical procedures.

Integra Vu aPOD Prime Intervertebral Body Fusion Device from Integra LifeSciences.
Medical device company Integra LifeSciences announced the market release of its Integra Vu aPOD Prime Intervertebral Body Fusion Device, which has received FDA clearance. The device includes a zero-profile design that uses two screws to secure the IBD in its functional position.

LigaPASS Spinal Fixation System from Medicrae.
The FDA recently approved LigaPASS spinal fixation system from Medicrea, which the company plans to introduce to key opinion leaders in the United States and European surgical field by the end of 2012. The system includes a rod connector and sublaminar strap, designed to allow surgeons to connect the vertebrae to the rod without the use of pedicle screws or hooks for spinal fusions.

Lucent PEEK Interbody Implants from Spinal Elements.
Spine technology company Spinal Elements announced it plans to launch the Lucent Ti-Bond line of PEEK interbody implant with plasma-sprayed titanium porous coating on August 1, 2012. The technology is designed to allow for direct visualization of the fusion through the radiolucent PEEK material.

MESA Small Stature Spinal System from K2M.
Spinal device company K2M debuted the MESA Small Stature Spinal System, which is the company's first pedicle screw available for patients with small stature. The system is top-loading and includes Zero-Torque technology.

Pedicle Screw System from Orthopaedic Implant Company.
Value-based implant company Orthopaedic Implant Company has launched a pedicle screw system for stabilization and fixation during posterior spinal fusion procedures. The system includes implants with screws designed to prevent cross threading. The components are color-coded.

POWEREASE System from Medtronic.
The POWEREASE System form Medtronic was recently launched for use during spine surgery. The system is compatible with Medtronic's CD HORIZON SOLEARA Spinal System and TSRH 3Dx Spinal System, designed to reduce surgeon fatigue associated with repetitive hand motion during surgery.

SteriSpine PS Pedicle Screw System from Safe Orthopaedics.
Paris, France-based orthopedic device company Safe Orthopaedics introduced SteriSpine PS Pedicle Screw System as its first product line. The system is designed as a sterile, traceable and single-use full-featured lumbar fixation system.

TM Ardis Interbody System from Zimmer.
Zimmer recently introduced the TM Ardis Interbody System, a porous metal interbody implant for the lumbar spine. The system extends the application of Zimmer's proprietary Trabecular Metal Technology, which is used in the company's cervical spine products. The metal is designed to resemble the structure, function and physiology of trabecular bone.

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